Using Twitter to connect to sports fans

Over the past week I have been acting as #twittersensei to Peter Daicos (follow now @PeterDaicos). For the few people who do not know Daics by name please enjoy this clip show.

So why did I help Daics get on to Twitter? Well he is currently promoting his SportZstats counters. I explained that he could build a following through his AFL fan base and via his work on SEN to help drive traffic for his SportZstats business.

Now he is new to Twitter but is loving the interaction that Twitter is providing him with sports fans. One of our first issues was making sure that people believed it was him and not a fake account. One non-believer was local Melbourne radio funny man Dave Hughes at @DHughesy. Here’s how we got Hughesy to believe…

Here’s how things went…

@PeterDaicos Now having a beer with @seancallanan, thanks for setting up my twitter. I will no longer sleep.

@PeterDaicos G’day @dhughesy new to twitter, my boy barracks for Blues can i sign your boy up for the Pies?

@DHughesy @PeterDaicos how can we prove you’re the real daics? I want to believe. 

@seancallanan Heading off to meet with @PeterDaicos and yes @DHughesy I will prove it is the real Daics…stay tuned

@DHughesy @seancallanan good, I want to believe, I almost fully already do.

@PeterDaicos @DHughesy hughesy , will soon send on pic with today’ paper. Daics.

@PeterDaicos RT @seancallanan: Heading off to meet with @PeterDaicos -thanks for a good meeting sean!

@PeterDaicos Here you go @DHughesy with today’s paper-keep in touch, your my 2nd favourite comedian, in the world !

seancallananRT @DHughesy: @seancallanan good, I want to believe, I almost fully already do. #verified! 

@DHughesy collingwood supporters out there, club legend @peterdaicos is on board. I’ve verified he’s the real deal. Follow him, and thank him 4 1990.

Thanks to Hughesy and a mention on SEN Daics now has a nearly 500 followers! I’m looking forward to tweets from him on AFL and his SportZstats. It is a great way to stay connected with your sports fans, this is just a small example how.

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