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Just a quick update on what’s happening on as I have been in “thinking-mode” on what exactly I want from this site for myself and for my readers/clients/friends.

I have been reading Guy Kawasaki’s book called Reality Check which is a great read on marketing and competing in a startup world. After working in the tech startup world I know that how a product is marketed and released is just as important if not more than the technical gadgetry that is behind it.

I have found my “professional sabbatical” to be very benefitial to me to find out how other people go about their business and how different fields engage in their business. Networking has been the biggest win especially via Twitter (@seancallanan) I have been able to connect with some very savvy people. Our sports show, SportzfanRadio is a humble left-of-field radio sports show on 88.3FM Southern FM now has regular listeners and interaction via the @SportzfanRadio tweets.

Twitter works very effectively when it is used as a conversational platform, it is not a broadcast platform which is where some celebrity tweeps do #FAIL. Twitter can become a very powerful platform to engage with your fans, that is where successful businesses especially in sports will gain terrific value.

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