Lock it in, importance of my calendar

My work life running Sports Geek and CHUNKY Media as well as keeping up a podcast interview and publishing schedule absolutely depends on my calendar.


Google Calendar tells me where I need to be, what I need to be working on and who I’m meeting with. Over the years I’ve worked on improving the process to book client meetings and calls to reduce email backwards and forwards which is a drain on time and resources.

For a while I used a tool called Tungle until Blackberry bought it and closed it down. Timetrade were smart to recruit Tungle users when they closed down. In the past few months I’ve now moved to Calendly to book meetings, it is far easier for me and only a few clicks for people meeting me.

Want to catch up with me?

Here’s what the links I use (which can be customised to vanity URLs with Pretty Link Plugin)

It works very well and definitely has freed up my time to actually work rather than working on my schedule.

Only issue arise when a few people avoid using it with a “can you meet at 4pm?” I usually resend the link as there is every chance that I may be booked when the reply is sent (or read).

If I have a pet peeve is when people either cancel or bail at late notice, so if you want to catchup please don’t do that as there is every chance I’ll be leaving to head to next meeting on time.

What tools or methods do you use for booking your time and managing the meeting request mess?

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