What I do to improve

Speaking at Entrepreneur Club (Photo credit Timson.co)I started Sports Geek over 5 years ago, it has been the longest job I’ve ever held in my life.  I wish I jumped in and started on my own thing much sooner, if you are thinking about starting your entrepreneur life I say DO IT!

Conversely being an entrepreneur (especially a solo entrepreneur like myself) can be lonely at times and it you don’t have a HR department to manage your professional development.

Here is what is working for me.


“You become the people you hang out with” is a great quote from my mate Steve Vallas from Honey Bar, attending events and making connections with people has been vital for my business but also my personal energy.  Go to Meetup.com and put yourself out there.  I recently spoke at Entrepreneur Club Melbourne and have started Sports Business Melbourne, hope to see you at even soon.  The connections I have made SEAT conference alone has been vital in growing my global presence.  (Thanks to Tim Morrison from Timson.co for snapping the picture above)


“Use the bloody platforms” is a catch cry of mine for people wanted to enter the world sports digital.  Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook have been critical for me building my business network to support.  Connect and engaging with people on Twitter can quickly grow your profile both locally and globally, connect with me @seancallanan.  I refer to Linkedin as the “Facebook for suits” is the business development platform in the world, I can connect with anyone or any business via Facebook.  Facebook has been vital in maintaining personal relationships with friends and colleagues and Facebook Groups is a growing space to bypass Facebook Edgerank.


Blogs and electronic magazines give you NO EXCUSE not to keep up with the latest trends in your industry and other industries (HINT: Best ideas come from other industries no one is looking there).  You can keep up with what I read on my Twitter feed, Linkedin and my Flipboard magazine.  The best articles (most clicked) end up in my weekly Sports Geek newsletter which ends up being a motley mix of marketing, sports, tech and pop culture.  That said I still go old school and read book, recent books I’ve read and recommend include:


I’m all in on podcasts.  With over 120,000 downloads with Sports Geek Podcast and Beers, Blokes & Business I’m ready to expand my investment and commitment to podcasting.  Why?  Great podcasts like Serial, Startup are joining the revolution helped by guys like Bill Simmons with Grantland and comedy scene (Adam Carolla, Wil Anderson) are killing it in podcasting.  You can learn so much listening to guys like Gary Vanyerchuk, Pat Flynn, Jay Baer & Jon Loomer daily and there will be many more available in you niche.  If there isn’t I suggest you start RIGHT NOW.

The Verge agrees, this post came out 12 hours after I posted this.


OK I’m not always at networking events, reading blogs and listening to podcasts sometimes I have some downtime with the TV, after sports there are some great shows you can watch to help educate you as a business owner.  I’ve been a massive Shark Tank fan since it started I even watched Dragon’s Den before that.  I was lucky enough to interview Mark Cuban on my podcast recently, that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t watch the show in mu opinion.  Another one you should tune into is The Profit with Marcus Lemonis it helps you see every business (and your own) with clearer eyes with his people, product & process focus.

(Full Disclosure: I’m watching The Profit as I write this blog post)

Let me know how you improve?


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    December 1, 2014

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  2. Denis Merkas
    January 13, 2015

    Networking is everything! Although I’m selective with who I reach out to. You certainly are a sum of the people you hang out with, Steve hit the nail on the head with that comment.

    When networking, be yourself – if your personality is playful, stay playful. Don’t change your personality to suit the crowd. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s a good thing. You’ll filter through the peeps and find your crowd that understands you much faster!

    Diversify who you network with. My two closest friends include a programmer and a VC, and I’m a massage therapist. We all hold very different perspectives on business, we share different angles and views on how to approach business. I love that.

    Finally, definitely connect with Dom McKenna at Entrepreneur Club Melb – top bloke!

  3. Sean Callanan
    January 14, 2015

    Thanks Denis, agree network far and wide as you never know how it may help you down the track.

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