Getting my blog back on

I started using as a blog platform before I started Sports Geek then I posted primarily on sports digital topics as I developed the business.

I’m going to start blogging on here on things outside Sports Geek and perhaps some behind the scenes of the lift of an entrepreneur as I do get to meet a lot of people and have learnt a lot along the journey.

I just returned from another #sportsgeektrip (number #4 if you’re keeping count) which has been a vital component of the success of Sports Geek. The trips allow me to connect with friends old and new to find out what are the latest trends are and how teams and technology are delivering to cool digital projects to fans. The model for the trip is part secret shopper and part digital investigator as I look at how digital is integrated on game day as well as talk with those in the digital trenches on how their teams are setup and what platforms and technology is working for them. The geek side of the trip is to meet an see as much technology as possible to find solutions for Sports Geek clients (current and new).

Anyway this post is a start and perhaps a little Sports Geek heavy but I’ll find the right balance over time.

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