Lock it in, importance of my calendar

My work life running Sports Geek and CHUNKY Media as well as keeping up a podcast interview and publishing schedule absolutely depends on my calendar. Google Calendar tells me where I need to be, what I need to be working on and who I’m meeting with. Over the years I’ve worked on improving the process […]

My top 12 tweets of 2015

I love using tools to find out more about how my social media platforms perform, one of my faves is ThinkUp.  Every day I get an email update on a few things I may have missed, like big RTs or small changes like profile updates.  Today it sent me my best tweet each month in […]

What I do to improve

I started Sports Geek over 5 years ago, it has been the longest job I’ve ever held in my life.  I wish I jumped in and started on my own thing much sooner, if you are thinking about starting your entrepreneur life I say DO IT! Conversely being an entrepreneur (especially a solo entrepreneur like […]

Getting my blog back on

I started using SeanCallanan.com as a blog platform before I started Sports Geek then I posted primarily on sports digital topics as I developed the business. I’m going to start blogging on here on things outside Sports Geek and perhaps some behind the scenes of the lift of an entrepreneur as I do get to […]

Focus on sports at Sports Geek

I’ve obviously stopped blogging here I may use it in the future for personal use. Check out what I’ve done over at Sports Geek SportsGeek.com.au Posts Category: Communications #BeMyGuest month on Sports Geek AFL Draft… #afldraft Autoresponders? How they can help you stay in touch with fans Demons CEO shares insights via YouTube Formspring…. fan […]

Using Twitter to connect to sports fans

Over the past week I have been acting as #twittersensei to Peter Daicos (follow now @PeterDaicos). For the few people who do not know Daics by name please enjoy this clip show. So why did I help Daics get on to Twitter? Well he is currently promoting his SportZstats counters. I explained that he could […]

Working on next step for SeanCallanan.com

  Just a quick update on what’s happening on SeanCallanan.com as I have been in “thinking-mode” on what exactly I want from this site for myself and for my readers/clients/friends. I have been reading Guy Kawasaki’s book called Reality Check which is a great read on marketing and competing in a startup world. After working […]

Why Jerry Seinfeld should be on Twitter

Firstly a disclaimer I am a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan, he is one of the reasons Bunny & I hit it off. Nothing like a huge Elaine Benes “Get Out” chest shove while you are chatting up a good looking girl. Anyway back to the title. Why should Jerry Seinfeld join Twitter? He has a […]

A new beginning

  I don’t know how many readers there are of this “my technical blog” when I started it I made a conscious decision to keep the technical and personal separate. I don’t know why but I guess it was just a privacy thing, but things have changed. The past 2 months have been a rollercoaster […]